Rohan Shravan’s Dreams

Where did it all start anyway! By Rohan Shravan on February 18, 2010

Let’s see how far can I go back!

Out of my college, and I wanted a device to browse internet everywhere, anytime. I wanted to read news, stay up to date with all possible RSS feeds. Read random books, manage my finances. Write blogs. Chart out plans. But this is not what I wanted when I was in college. There I wanted to read economics. See how reactions take place. Design machines in 3D. Design a robot which can be controlled, programmed. Take photographs, edit them, share them. Stay in touch with friends. Send them messages. Watch serials.

And in school, I wanted to paint, I wanted to learn how to play music. How to create toys with smaller elements. Sit back on bicycle and tell my mom, I am coming home, cook aloo-gobhi for me! Do homework quickly. Watch all possible serials on Discovery Channel. Junkyard Wars was my fav, along with Extreme Engineering. Follow cricket like mad ox. Collect photos of cars, scientific innovations. Write stories!

But the actual fun, was when I was a kid. I wanted to be an astronaut one day, and the other, a cricketer. Then I will wake up and tell my mom, I will be a scientist, and then suddenly the PM of the nation. I had dreams that I will fly, touch moon and travel faster than light. Kept wondering, how gravity works, and followed butterflies.

And like everyone, now I am none of them.

Life moved faster than I thought. I still remember my dreams of actually landing on Mars! Life is too harsh. It stole my childhood dreams. As a kid I was unaware of destiny. Unaware of work to live concept. Thought, that everyone can be happy, learn whatever they want. And may be this is where I was nurturing this dream.

Doesn’t matter if I am not able to realize my dreams. I can do something for everyone else out there. Do something for a kid to learn music, challenge gravity. Let students see reactions, smile in awe when they look at such wonderful engineering creations of man. Let engineers test their concepts. And let people like me spend time in communication. One device which can help many without telling them it’s helping. One device which quietly slips into their lives and becomes their best friend. Their personal diary. The window to look at their kids out there in some unknown land.

A device, just to realise dreams!

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