“And this is how the world is changed!”


“And this is how the world is changed!”  By Rohan Shravan – June 5, 2009


Last 4 days has been like a dream!

Signed 4 collaborations in 4 days. Pixel Qi, Inventec, Foxconn and Compalcomm in sequence. And there is yet 1 more day to go! So finally we saw how the screen would look like. Its really impressive and is exactly what we predicted in terms of the performance and quality. We love it. It will bring in a revolution in itself.
Most impressive meetings we had were with Pixel Qi and Foxconn. Pixel Qi has shown trust and confidence in our firm and its a huge moral boost for us. With their wisdom and experience coming into play, we can quite well deliver exactly what we want. Special thanks here goes to Mr John Ryan and Mr Frank Lee. We are young and can take more risks. If we are going to take 5 years before we succeed, then five years is a good experience. And if we are successful in our first attempt, it will definitely be because of the people who are providing us moral, mental and spiritual support using their hard earned experience and wisdom.
We will add more to this space in terms of the collaboration with Foxconn, Inventec and Compalcomm as the time unfold. All we can say here is, things as per now looks very exciting and promising in the near future. They are the biggest and we are the newest Kids around. We sure can rock.
On a odd note. It took us 3 months just to sign 2 NDAs in India. There is a huge difference when we see how things work out in India and here in Taiwan. For some reason things are not as mature for business as they are here. And it really burdens us with the work people in India has done since 1991 to make things at least this easy. We have just heard of stories of people waiting for even phone connections for years let alone signing a contract. I personally cannot imagine toil it will have on our ambitions if things were like pre-1990s. Though I wont deny there is a lot of work still to be done.
People in India need to understand that the world is moving really very fast. When we say India is 40 years behind USA and 20 years behind China, there are more reasons to it than just comparing the infrastructure. Its the complete environment. Complete eco-system which makes things easier for evolution of brilliant ideas and its implementation. Though we cannot measure creativity in time, but time does have its disintegrating effects. Ideas dont care in whose mind they are gonna land. If not India, then China.
May be we are on the course of making a history here. This is something never has been done by any Indian Company nor by any Indian. More than being personal ambition its a matter of national pride for us. Something which will stop the world say we are best at call centers and for maintaining web-sites, a 3rd end solution. We will make the world stand on its feet and give us the standing ovation we rightly deserve even for our ideas which have already changed the world, right from the zero to the concept of OOPs in computer programming.
When we pray, we only ask for one thing, ‘Make Our Faiths Firm’.
From Taipei, with Love!


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